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Remove the disease of failure | Save yourself from Excuses | "Be a reality & fact thinker"

Remove the disease of failure | Save yourself from Excuses | "Be a reality & fact thinker" #motivationalblogs #selfbelief #beliefmotivation

A successful person will never make excuses, as an unproductive person would.

Like every disease, if there is no proper treatment, like every disease, the disease called excuses also makes a person weak. In this, a person chooses an excellent excuse for not doing something or failing to move forward. Every time he makes such excuses, it goes deep inside because constant repetition reinforces our thoughts in the same direction as we think.

There are four most common types of excuses:

for example,

1. "I am not in good health"

No human is 100% perfect. Each of us has a health or physical issue or something that doesn't change. When reacting to a health issue, you can either be anxious and depressed, and it's affecting your life, or you can be optimistic, and live life to the fullest and You can enjoy your life well. You choose who you want to be. To beat Health Excuses, don't talk or worry about your health because it seems like it only gets worse if you do. In fact, learn to be thankful that your health is as good as ever. Because sometimes we are not cured by our own thoughts.

There is another excuse:

2. "You must have brains to be successful"

This is a kind of intelligence excuse.

Many people underestimate their own brainpower and underestimate the mental power of other people. It doesn't matter how much intelligence you have but how you use what you have is more useful. The ability to think is far more valuable than being able to remember facts. And the efficiency of being able is 95%. Knowledge is just power which you use in a creative i.e. technical way. To fix Intelligence Excuses, never underestimate your intelligence, and never judge others. Your attitude is more important than your intelligence.

The third excuse:

3. "I'm too old or too young"

It is not important to impose your attitude towards your age. When you remove this excuse, you have the hopeful and wonderful experience of youth. To do this, look positively at your current age, and calculate how much time you have. For a man in his thirties, he still has 80% of his life ahead of him. When you think it's too late. Do whatever you want to do at that point. Because if you lose in that game, it will not matter, but if you win, you will become an example for the world.

The fourth excuse:

4. “My case is different; I am unlucky"

Things rarely happen because of "luck". Usually, there is only one reason for all these, as accidents happen either due to mechanical failure, human failure, or both. Those who rise to great heights of success, did not do so by luck. Preparation, planning, and high thinking ensured their success. So, instead of basing this victory on luck, accept the law of cause and effect, look at reality, and move forward. Only then you will get successful.

"Don't be a wishful thinker. be a reality & fact thinker."

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